Department of Energy Announces $1 Million Prize for New Method to Store Hydrogen

Even the most die-hard fans of hydrogen powered vehicles have a hard time finding a solution to the problem of storage for their fuel. Currently, it requires a high pressure tank and a maze of fittings and lines to ensure the proper delivery in the proper amount at the proper time. However, the Department of Energy (DOE) has just challenged the general public to find a new way to store hydrogen and offered a six digit prize to anyone who can meet this goal.

The rules of the challenge are fairly simple. The design cannot be simply a tank hooked up to the vehicle, nor can it be made from an existing system. The design has to be "breakthrough," while still being cost effective and safe. The deadline for the challenge is set by the DOE at 2011, but no month was specified as of yet.

The introduction of a new hydrogen storage system would not only allow more companies to look into hydrogen powered vehicles. It would also lead to more efficient methods of transporting and storing the gaseous fuel on a commercial scale as well.

A winner will be announced as soon as the proposed method has been verified.

Sep 4, 2009
by Anonymous

Expand this to these,below

o Manned Lunar Mission Under Budget
o Improved electric Car lithium batteries.
o Hydrogen Hwy Plan
o Mars manned Mission Under Budget.
o Cutting Govt Waste by 200B.
o Manned & drone Deep Sea Subs for depths of 50K feet for 80 days endurance time.
o Mobile Solar arrays for Emerg power.
o Guarding the President.
o Energy from the air.
o Tesla wireless Electricity mode.
o Countering EMP by dirty bomb
& add more.

Id raise the prize to 1B or X% market share with host Co.
& or Perm Career, Job.

Min Id say is 1B for this venture.


Sep 6, 2009
by Anonymous

pressure storage device

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