Design Skin Stickers Let You Personalize Your Sewing Machine

You can turn on your sewing machine so why not have your nifty knitter return the favor? Design Skins from Swiss-based sewing machine manufacturer Bernina International AG are adhesive stickers you can design online and have mailed to your home or workplace. At long last, one can transform their staid & stolid stitcher into something wild!

And really, why not? We live in a day and age where custom smartphone skins are commonplace. The creative types who give Bernina and other sewing machine & accessories companies TONS of business will eat this up – we'd be surprised if they didn't pressure the company to come up with it in the first place.

But we digress – assuming you've just bought a fresh Bernina sewing machine and, while it's undoubtedly a sleek & stylish expression of modern sewing technology, you know it could be so much more. Don't pine and sulk while your cool & with-it friends are out showing off their customized clothing to bemused foreigners in Harajuku. Get online and dial up the Bernina Japan website where you'll find instructions on how to re-skin your mechanical needler in no time at all!

It seems that Bernina offers a fine selection of stock patterns such as roses, zebra hide and the like. Not “ME” enough”? No problem: use the Upload Image tool and you're one step closer to having your sewing machine look alarmingly like your cat... and one step closer to having a very alarmed cat watch you sewing yet another cute kitty cap.

Once you've checked, finalized and paid for your order on the English-language ordering page, wait anxiously for a couple of days until your neighborhood post-person delivers the goods. Slap your custom stickers on your formerly humdrum chatterbox and you'll be wishing they had design skin kits for your other household appliances. (via Jonelle Patrick)