Design THE 21st Century Skyscraper, Win $5,000 Via eVolo 2014 Skyscraper Competition

If you are an architect, designer, futurist, artist or inventor with a vision for how skyscrapers will look in the 21st century, there’s no better way to showcase your work than the eVolo 2014 Skyscraper Competition!

This international contest is looking for the definitive skyscraper of our era, so you’ll need to consider your design’s flexibility, adaptability, integrated technology, sustainability, how the building will mesh with the community, cityscape, the local environment and the many other important aspects of creating such an impressive structure.

With no limit on the size, site that you’d place it or how the structure is used, designers can let their imaginations run free for this contest. Other than the obvious big cash prize reasons to enter, (First prize wins $5,000, second earns $2,000, and third gets $1,000), the exposure and status that comes with winning a prestigious award from the top skyscraper designers would be a mammoth piece in anyone’s portfolio.

This is a purely digital contest, so don’t worry about building actual models of your super-skyscraper! Just create a pair of pretty JPG files detailing your concept in as much beautiful detail as you can, along with a simple project statement (DOC file) and your information in another DOC file, place them all in a ZIP folder, and you’re ready for the judges!

Get cracking on your skyscraper concepts, as the early registration deadline is November 19th, and the last call for entries is January 14th, 2013. Don’t forget that the registration fees are higher if you submit after November 19th! Click here for more information and the submission email for the eVolo 2014 Skyscraper Competition, and good luck recreating Coruscant!*

(*You know, the city planet from Star Wars!)