Design 3D Printed Gear-Powered Project, Win $10,000!

GabCAD is excited to present the “Gears of Innovation” competition, where engineers, designers and inventors are challenged to create a 3D printed design that incorporates three or more functioning gears. You’re free to let your creativity wander from there, and it may just land you the $10,000 1st Place prize!




Will you create a gear powered toy? How about a customized 3D printed watch? How about something completely original? Whatever your gear-based gadget is, it absolutely must include at least three functional gears and they must be fully assembled in place as it is printed. While the rules may seem simple, you’ve got to be a designing pro to pull off something that is both completely functional and fantastic, which is why the prizes are pretty high for this contest.




The inventor with the best 3D printed gear-reliant item will earn a whopping $10,000, with 2nd place winning $5,000, 3rd place pulling in $3,000, and 4th and 5th place winners receiving a cool $1,000 each. Before you click back to your 3D modeling program, note that GrabCAD’s judges will grade your submission on its 3D printability, quality, creativity and its overall design. Creating an award winning Gears of Invention device would certainly be a nice blurb on your resume, but who couldn’t use $10,000 right after the holidays?




Not only will the five winners collect a nice payday for sharing their 3D printing prowess, they will be formally announced at the 3D Printer World Expo’s evening reception on Jan. 31 in Burbank, California, as well as the GrabCAD website for everyone to enjoy! Take your time and think up something really grand, as you have until January 6th, 2014 to add your item to the Gears of Innovation contest. (Click here to enter!) Good luck, gearheads!