Design Camera Accessories, Win Analogue Camera From Lomography!

The Lomography crew is looking for designers to create a series of helpful accessories to make their user-made Konstruktor series analogue cameras even better. The top five innovators get their own cameras, so what are you waiting for?

The goal of the Lomography Camera Accessory Challenge is to ask the greater design community to invent stellar new goodies for the Konstruktor, Lomography’s first user-built SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera. With three distinct categories for designers to explore, there are plenty of ways to earn yourself a camera by inventing lens accessories such as lens caps and pinhole caps, a steady grip for crystal clear photos or a holder that allows the user to snap two cameras at once to create 3D shots. With so many options available for aspiring designers to choose from, there are many great starting points to innovate the Konstruktor.


If you want a chance to win your own camera, you should have a bit of previous photography knowledge so your designs work exceptionally well with the device. The judges will be on the lookout for designs that are simple, sleek, special and match the self-assembled Konstruktor’s branding. If you hope to truly innovate the future of hobby photography, the combination of a contest winning creation and a free camera kit is an excellent place to start. Don’t forget that you only have until November 15th to send in your designs, renderings and 3D printer optimized files for the Lomography Camera Accessory Challenge! (Click here to enter!) Good luck builders, photographers and innovators!

Source: Lomography Camera Accessory Challenge