Design Donkey Calf Raise Attachment For Smith Machine, Win $1,000!

3D Technology and GrabCAD are looking for talented exercise equipment designers to develop an attachment for Smith machines to make donkey calf raises comfortable, safe and easy to perform. Share your fitness prowess, and you can earn up to $1,000!




Essentially, the “donkey calf raise” is a calf-strengthening exercise in which someone bends at a 90 degree angle and pushes a weight upward by flexing their calves upward. Your mission is to dream up a device that is easily placed over a barbell, and cushions the user from the heavy iron bar pressing into their lower back. 3D Technology has created a prototype design that you can use as a springboard into the project, so feel free to improve upon, dismantle and reimagine their donkey calf raise attachment as you see fit!

3D Technology and GrabCAD are ready to award inventors for the top three designs $1,000, $500 and $250, and each of them will also receive a GrabCAD scrapbook. Not only that, but the winner may be offered a job working alongside Texas-based 3D Technology. How cool is that?




You’ve got until February 19, 2014 to enter your designs into the Donkey Calf Raise Attachment Challenge, so get busy and good luck on winning the big money! (Click here to enter!)

Jan 30, 2014
by Anonymous

Is this serious? I design it

Is this serious? I design it for a thousand bucks and you profit? Yeah, right. How about I design it and you give me equity in the company that produces the product. Plus pay for doing it.