Design For Doomsday: Underground Survival Communities By The Vivos Group

It is unsettling for most of us to think about the end of the world.  But many, including religious, military, and scientific groups believe it will come... and soon.  Whether people think that a natural disaster, a pandemic, an economic collapse, bio-terrorism, or a biblical prophesy will come true, there is a swelling movement of survivalists readying their futures for when the end of their worlds come. 

A privately funded company, the Vivos Group, in Del Mar, California, is preparing for that doomsday right now, by retrofitting a shelter in Barstow,California, half-way between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.  There will be 19 other shelters throughout the United States mainland in Vivos's Nationwide Underground Shelter Network for Survival of Future Catastrophes. They are scheduled to be completed by December 21, 2012, (around the day that the Mayan calendar and the I Ching predicted severe natural disasters would cause devastating earthquakes and tsunamis).


 Vivos shelter locations: ©Vivos GroupVivos shelter locations: ©Vivos Group

Everything from the security of the shelter to communications to the medical supplies to the foods the shelters will store has been designed.  And so have the spacious interiors, which will accommodate up to 200 persons. Vivos has thought of everything so that its 'members' won't have to.  As you will see, this is not your 1950's bomb shelter!


Vivos underground shelter: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter: ©Vivos Group


The shelters will have two levels.  The dome centers are designed for common activities, storage and survival needs, while the 'spokes' are designed as living quarters for the members.  The upper level dome encompasses communal eating, lounging, and entertainment areas.


Vivos underground shelter, upper level dome: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter, upper level dome: ©Vivos Group


Vivos underground shelter, dining area: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter, dining area: ©Vivos Group


Vivos underground shelter, lounge and movie theatre: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter, lounge and movie theatre: ©Vivos Group


The living quarters are apartments, surprisingly spacious, but economically designed, each with its own bedroom, living room, bath, and kitchen, complete with all appliances.


Vivos underground shelter, private living room area: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter, private living room area: ©Vivos Group


Vivos underground shelter, private kitchen and dining area: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter, private kitchen and dining area: ©Vivos Group


Vivos underground shelter, bedroom: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter, bedroom: ©Vivos Group


Vivos underground shelter, bathroomVivos underground shelter, bathroom


This is the lower common level which houses power and water equipment, offices with laptop computers, an informal meeting room, a medical unit, and a security center with vaults and a prison cell.


Vivos underground shelter: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter: ©Vivos Group


 Vivos underground shelter, office: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter, office: ©Vivos Group


Vivos underground shelter, hospital: ©Vivos GroupVivos underground shelter, hospital: ©Vivos Group


Vivos underground shelter, security centerVivos underground shelter, security center


Whatever you previously imagined about living underground in a survival shelter... it's not what the Vivos Group has in mind.  Vivos has thought of every aspect of survival and your comfort, with supplies and food for up to a year, in case doomsday happens.  It's the 'modern day Noah's Ark.'

Here is a first look at the nuts and bolts of the Barstow shelter as the retrofitting takes place for the first Noah's Ark...



For more information about the possible disasters that survivalists of many persuasions are predicting, the Vivos website is actually a pretty good place to start researching... as well, of course, as a place to learn more about the Vivos Underground Shelter Network.


sources:  Vivos, Survivalist Versus Survivors (Vivos White Paper), Surviving Economic Anarchy, (Vivos White Paper)  via: PopSci





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Apr 11, 2010
by Anonymous

Radical project

Not love to see this worldwide BUT has to worldwide.

Must expand more shelters.

Apr 16, 2010
by Anonymous


Its one of the hatch stations from "LOST" The Dharma Initiative

Mar 29, 2011
by Anonymous


My guess is that the only people who will be able to afford to use these shelters will be Rich Republican Bastards (RRBs). Everyone else can die for all they care.

Maybe a certain great man was wrong when he said "the meek will inherit the earth".

Apr 20, 2011
by Anonymous


I see your units come with jails, that's great! If I were living there I'd want to make sure all the bad people are locked up. By the way, what protections does your facility offer against zombie attacks? Are there any plans to include an armory? Do you have a quarantine center in which those who are suspected of having contracted the Z-virus can be safely confined for observation? I think that these would all be very prudent measures.

May 12, 2011
by Anonymous


Hey- they look nice- and expensive- and far too technologically dependent.

Jun 4, 2011
by Anonymous

Shelters, but long term?

I think this maybe survivable for short term if anyone could get into these places, but i don't think they'll good for the long run.

The facilities may not be handle people having kids under there, depending on how long doomday changes heck if its realistics can these shelters last if effects last for generations?

Jun 17, 2011
by Anonymous

shelters built for paranoid

shelters built for paranoid rich people who can't stand the thought that they might actually DIE sometime.

Dec 4, 2011
by Anonymous

Lots of left out life saving information

This is the first time I have seen some one selling $50 thousand dollar coffins. Entire West coast will be going into the Pacific ocean, permantley and many others across the US will also be under water. Are there protection measures against foreign troops with buldozers, blow torches, welding equipment, bombs, hand grenades and all types of heavy artillary? I didn't think so.. So as long as your rich, you will make it through, how nice to see that mankind or at least this group will turn it's back on others.. Good Luck to you guys , your going to need it !

Jan 9, 2012
by Anonymous

who wants to live forever?

I think heaven has better accommodations and its free JUST BELIEVE! JOHN 3:16

Mar 7, 2012
by Anonymous

Its our time

We are called to a time such as this do not run and hide in a hole! Stay, fight, and die!