Design Emergency Urinal, Win €1,000 Via Public Urinal Systems Design Contest

The Emergency Sanitation team at WASTE are looking to creative inventors from around the world to develop a sanitary public urinal system to be installed in emergency situations. Do you have a golden design to share?


When a disaster hits an unfortunate country, sometimes the basic necessities, such as a proper place to pee, people may be forced to urinate indiscriminately (a real sanitation problem), especially if there are long lines to use any available restroom facilities. WASTE wants to develop an easily portable, hygienic, light weight, easy to assemble urinal for everyone to use.


Entries for the ultimate emergency urinal will be judged on the following criteria: how practical it is in an actual emergency, how easy it is to assemble, the product’s production/transportation/maintenance costs, originality, as well as the opinions of the users testing out your design. WASTE is looking for designs that will easily store and empty urine as needed, while accommodating its accessibility for adult men, women, children and the elderly.


To get your emergency urinal into the contest, you’ll need to present an easy-to-understand concept for the judges, preferably alongside a working prototype, by October 18th, 2013. Click here to submit your idea into the Public Urinal Systems Design Contest, and here for additional tips for designing an excellent emergency urinal. The design wizard who wows the judges gets their choice of either €1,000 or paid travel and lodging to the nation where your urinal will be field tested. Good luck, everyone! Oh, and don’t forget that the winning urinal will be showcased on November 19th, aka. “World Toilet Day!”

Source: Emergency Sanitation Project