Design The FACE Of Modern Automatic Door Controls, Win Big Money!

Italian design company FACE is looking for designers from around the world to design the visual interface for their upcoming automatic door control system. If they really like your touch keys and layouts, you’ll earn the grand prize of €1,250!

FACE’s pending electronic function selector to control automated pedestrian doors will be based on a serigraphed panel that utilizes a black background and white backlighting for the touch keys and symbols. It’s up to talented designers from any nationality and of any age to send in their visual designs of how the touch keys and symbols as they would compiled on the actual terminal layout.

Designers will have to consider making the terminal as instantly usable and accessible as possible, while imagining visual representations for the control pad’s three main features: “Door open,” “Door closed” and “Door automatic.” Other important graphical features that you’ll have to work into the design include secondary touch keys that give the automatic setting some fine-tuned control, a battery charge symbol and the placement of the manufacturer’s logo. (You’ll want to click here for FACE’s complete listing of graphical “do and do not’s”)

Although FACE will only select one design for their touch pad door control systems, having your design picked would mean that your innovative and user friendly visual interface will be used on a daily basis by people all over the world, and that would be a huge achievement to display in your portfolio. If you’re a design interface ace, you’d better hurry up and send your best graphical interpretations to FACE by clicking here by October 17th. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Source: FACE