Design A Handbag That’s Really You At Elemental Threads

Design your own whatever....DIY. This may feel liked a tired concept, but it's rare that I come across a fashion store that allows you to create your own clothing and accessories without breaking the bank. With Elemental Threads, that's just not the case, and with tons of options to customize your favorite fashion accessory, this is one fashion company worth reading about!

Elemental ThreadsElemental Threads

Designer handbags might require you to take out a second mortgage, but design your own handbags from Elemental Threads are affordable, and let you create a fashion accessory that's truly you. From Elemental Threads you can pick from a variety of the hottest fashion accessory trends, and choose from different sizes of tote style handbags, clutches, and pouches.

Once you pick the handbag style, you start with a blank canvas and can choose the fabric, which includes a variety of patterns in cotton, organic cotton, canvas or bamboo. You can also select the liner fabric and design for the handle, as well as your favorite color for the hardware. I know, I know, you may feel like you've heard it all before...but with a price tag on the fashion accessories ranging from $18-$80 DIY fashion design is finally affordable for everyone, even during the financial crisis!

Jun 2, 2009
by Anonymous

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