Miniature Furniture Collection Features 42 Legendary Chair Designs

You've got the whole world, in your hands... well, the furniture design world, at least, courtesy of the Design Interior Collection from Design Store Tokyo. Crafted with the utmost care and true to the original designs but in 1/12 "dollhouse" scale, this incredible collection includes instantly recognizable works by Eames, Le Corbusier, Mackintosh, Bellini, Man Ray, Van der Rohe and so many more!

Though suitable for high-end dollhouses, these masterpieces in miniature have acquired a loyal and growing fan base across the globe. The chairs, sofas and lounges have been released in sets of 9 in the past, which has only served to stoke demand from collectors who want it all and want it now.

Though larger than other miniature Japanese collectibles like the popular mini-erasers, these 1/12 scale furniture designs have the same sort of appeal - owners just need a larger shelf upon which to display them.

Their wish has been granted - the entire current line-up of 42 legendary designer chairs, sofas and lounges has been released, but only in Japan. Those interested in purchasing the set of 42 but who are not living in Japan can order through Rinkya Stores, a reliable venue for Japanese goods who have the added advantage of dealing in English.

(Update: Item no longer available. But collections of various miniature designer chairs is available here.)

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