Design Living Space Of The Future Via D3 Housing Tomorrow Contest

D3’s annual contest is back once again, and they’re looking for inspired minds to share incredible new ideas to revolutionize the structures that humanity calls home. If you’ve got a few cool plans to change urban sprawl, the interiors of our homes or communities as a whole, shoot for the $1,250 grand prize!

The D3 Housing Tomorrow contest is asking for inventors, designers, students and architects to display their plans for implementing advanced technologies, building materials, social structures and other resources to boost the living conditions of residential dwellers around the world. There are many interesting categories to consider for showcasing your ideas, including single-family homes, suburban intervention, designed objects to improve living conditions for home owners, housing in high/medium/low-density areas and interior architecture. If you can dream up sustainable, practical, and visually stimulating ways for humanity to live on the earth’s ocean floors, polar ice caps, barren mountainsides and other unusual locales using methods that haven’t even been tried, then this is your chance to show humanity that there’s a cooler future waiting for us than those floating Jetsons-styled homes!

The top three designers earn $1,250, $1,000 and $700, respectively, and each entrant will need to submit a pair of digital horizontal PDF boards featuring any number of renderings, diagrams, descriptive text, processes and other details to help the judges to get onboard with your ultimate housing renovations for the future of humanity. Just remember that you only have until January 25th, 2013 to register and send in your presentations! Good luck, futurists!
Source: D3