Design Paper Towel Holder For Umbra, Win Cash & More!

GrabCAD and leading modern product designers at Umbra have teamed up to task the inventor community to create an exceptional paper towel holder. They’re ready to reward the coolest designs with cash, gifts and a potential long term partnership!




Here’s a contest that’s about as free form as it gets: Make a completely original and modern paper towel holder! Naturally, the device needs to be functional, easily manufactured, highly usable, and able to dispense an 11” x 5.75”diameter paper towel tube. Feel free to make it a standing countertop or hanging model, and experiment with materials too, but I’m sure you’ll get extra brownie points if your designs match the super-sleek signature Umbra style…



There could be up to ten winners at the end of the Umbra Paper Towel Holder Challenge, and each will earn hundreds of dollars, an Umbra gift card and a GrabCAD water bottle. That said, if you can impress the judges from Umbra with your innovative paper towel holder, they may choose to work with you to mass produce the product, and they’ll be happy to give you royalties for your hard work too! You’ve got until March 9th, 2014 to submit your designs, so hurry up and click here to get started!