Design Razor’s Latest PowerWing Scooter, Win Big!

Hey inventors! How would you like to innovate the classic three wheeled body-powered scooter for Razor USA, Siemens, Luxion and GrabCAD? There’s cash and prizes if you impress the iconic scooter makers!




It’s up to you to develop a new design for their PowerWing scooter, and Razor USA is looking for an efficient, novel and relatively low cost model. While there are some base guidelines to keep in mind such as making carbon steel tubing the majority of the scooter’s composition and that the ability to fold the device is purely optional. Get creative and play with the concept- As long as it works, you might be the one to lead Razor USA towards a completely new direction…

Ten winners will be selected by Razor USA, Siemens, Luxion and GrabCAD, and the prizes include subscriptions for professional 3D rendering software, copies of KeyShot Pro+Animation, cash, PowerWing scooters, and fun swag from Solid Edge and KeyShot. The first place winner will also earn themselves a nice $500 bonus if any piece of their winning design is incorporated into the latest PowerWing model!



You’ve got until February 7, 2014 to enter your digital models and designs at the official GrabCAD website, so scoot yourself into the workshop! Click here to enter your version of the PowerWing, and good luck!