Design A “Smart Baby Lunch” & Win €2,000 From Chicco!

Internationally recognized baby goods brand Chicco is looking for designers from all around the planet to create innovative mealtime kits for parents and their hungry little kiddos for a big cash prize!

Chicco, the biggest baby brand in Europe, hopes to receive a wealth of new designs for what they call a “Smart Baby Lunch.” Such a kit must include the following components:


A smaller airtight container (capacity: 180ml), a larger airtight container capacity: 280ml), a piece of crockery with double function (fork + spoon), an airtight thermos (capacity: about 300/350ml) and a detachable handle to clasp onto containers to help babies grasp onto these feeding tools. On top of that, the components of the Smart Baby Lunch must also accommodate carrying and feeding the dietary needs of a six month old, a one-to-three year old, the ability to tote a hot broth in a thermally contained thermos and an easy-to-hold snack tote for dry cereal, fruit bits and yogurt. In summary, this colorful, ergonomic and functional Smart Baby Lunch kit would adapt to the needs of an ever-growing infant.


While Chicco will only select a single winner, if you are already in the field of crafting original parenting products, having your design picked up by Chicco would be an absolutely huge achievement to place in your portfolio. That, and the €2,000 ($2,748 USD) would be nice too! You only have until January 14th, 2014 to submit your product to the Smart Baby Lunch contest, (click here to enter), so get started on your designs ASAP. Good luck, inventors!  

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