Design Spacecraft For NASA Using Legos, Win The “Imagine Our Future Beyond Earth Competition!”

Lego and NASA has teamed up in the hopes that fans of the popular building toys will construct an amazing spacecraft that would suit one of NASA’s upcoming missions. Wow the judges and you’ll win plenty of cool Lego prizes in the Imagine Our Future Beyond Earth Competition!

If you’re 16 or older and you’d like to be one of the big winners of a pile of sweet Lego and NASA goodies, it’s time to do some homework. No, it’s not lame homework, you’ll need to poke though the list of pending NASA missions to start dreaming up plans for a space vehicle that would suit the astronauts on their scientific adventure.

Whether your Lego brick based vehicle is intended to help the crew working on the International Space Station, future Mars-related plans or something else, you’ve got a chance at winning as long as your creation sticks to the “Imagine Our Future Beyond Earth Competition” contest theme, is an original design and flat-out looks cool. Seriously, don’t be afraid to go sci-fi on the judges, who knows what the future of space travel will look like by 2030?

One grand prize winner earns a Lego Hayabusa set, tons of cool NASA swag and recognition on the website, while two runners-up winners will receive plenty of other great Lego and NASA stuff. To get your craft into the running, you’ll need to submit a link to a picture of your Lego creation along with a note explaining how the machine would relate to a specific NASA mission set between now and the 2030’s by July 31st.

Click here for the specific details of the Imagine Our Future Beyond Earth Competition, and here to enter your Lego model into the contest. Good luck Lego fans and armchair astronauts!

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