Design A Stand Up Paddle Board, Win Cash & A SUP!

What’s SUP everyone? Just in case you didn’t know, “SUP” stands for stand up paddle board, and as cool as they are to ride, they have a few features that could be improved upon. If you help GrabCAD and 3D Creation Systems to design the ultimate SUP, you could win some great prizes!




A SUP is kind of like a huge surfboard that you use by standing on top of it and paddling yourself through the water. It’s always fun to watch a SUP rider conquering the coastline, but they are bulky, tough to transport and difficult to store. It’s up to you to create a 3D rendered design of a SUP made of PE, PA, or PLA plastics, that can be easily moved from home to your favorite waterway and back. You’re sure to get bonus points from the judges if you model a portable paddle to go along with your SUP. Quite the challenge, if you ask me! The ultimate winner will receive $500, a GrabCAD shirt and most importantly, a life-sized 3D printed version of your custom SUP! Nine other champion inventors will earn themselves lesser amounts of cash and 3D print certificates from 3D Creation Systems, but they all get that swanky GrabCAD t-shirt!




The Portable Stand Up Paddle Board Challenge runs until March 23rd, 2014, so there’s still time to send in your designs by clicking here. Good luck, everyone!