Design StaX Accessories, Win $100 & Free StaX!

StaX is a fresh idea that should get a lot of our 3D printer jockeys excited, and the duo behind the creative aluminum modular containers is looking to the inventor community for bold new directions to accessorize the Stax system. Oh, and they’re giving cash to their top three ideas too!




While inventors Craig and Zack are working to pull off a successful Kickstarter to mass produce Stax, they’ve also teamed up with our pals at GrabCAD for the StaX Accessory Challenge. Using the 3D models, they’re hoping that you will design accessories that will give the StaX containers even more flexibility when it comes to household storage solutions. Some of my favorite examples include 3D printed wall mounts, segmented layers to separate items and an intermediate “cushion” to hold items in place within a StaX segment.




If you had a few of these colorful StaX containers lying around the workshop, what would you use them for? Is there something that could be added to the StaX to better serve your purposes? If so, design a 3D printable accessory for the StaX, and you might be one of the three designers to earn a cool $100 and a GrabCAD shirt for your brilliant idea. Not only that, but if they pull off the Kickstarter campaign, the creators of the top 50 accessories will get a set of StaX! It’s a win-win for everyone, but you need to get your StaX accessory into the contest by April 4th, 2014. (Click here to enter!) In the meantime, we’re wishing the StaX crew the best of luck on their Kickstarter campaign!