Design Stellar Seafood Dining Set & Win €10,000 Via ArtZept 2013 Contest!

If you’re a cutlery or kitchenware designer and a seafood gourmand, then I’ve got the perfect international contest for you!


The Artzept International Design Award 2013 is presented every year to product designers with a knack for creating truly innovative kitchen goods. This time, the international contest is focused on testing the world’s inventors’ interpretations of “fish and seafood cutlery and plates” that are appropriate for large scale production. Artzept will give out three prizes, alongside a few honorable mentions: €10,000 for first place as well as €4,000 and €3,000 worth of Zepter products for the second and third place winners.


Innovators are encouraged to redesign both the “Fish knife and fork, lobster fork, crab cracker, oyster fork, shrimp scissors, seafood pick and caviar spoon”, as well as the “Fish and seafood serving plate.” The Artzept contest wants all submitted designs to be based around metal, but encourages entrants to experiment with ceramics, glass and other high-end dining materials. Not only is the chance to win €10,000 (nearly $13,300 USD) and a bunch of high-end kitchen goods great, but if your designs are picked by Zepter, you will be able to point out that the huge and fancy premier European brand fancied it. Anyone looking to pitch their future designs to potential partners will definitely appreciate the extra recognition!


It’s time to get your fishy forks and prawn platters rendered as 3D digital models, high resolution images and be sure to clearly note the dimensions, materials, paints and other fine details so the judges will completely appreciate every aspect of your design. If you’re interested in reshaping the way we enjoy seafood, click here to read up on the official Artzept International Design Award 2013’s rules and where to send your submission. Hurry up though, you only have until October 20th, 2013 to get your submission to Artzept! Have fun, good luck and pass the butter!

Sources: Zepter, Artzept 2013