Design Student Takes On Green Packaging Of Coca Cola

A freshman studying industrial design at the College For Creative Studies in Detroit undertook an ecological revamp of Coca Cola bottles and packaging for his mid-term project.  Funny thing happened on the way to handing it in;  Andrew Kim's design fans started blogging it and Kim is getting rave reviews internationally for the design. The Eco Coke Bottle is brilliant!


The Eco Coke Bottle: ©Andrew KimThe Eco Coke Bottle: ©Andrew Kim


Kim, a South Korean native, is a multi-talented artist and designer, even at a very early stage in his design education.  Kim not only created a square Coke bottle that would waste no space in a shipping container, but he re-engineered its production, using sugar cane byproducts to make the 'plastic' bottles 100 percent green!

The concept of a square bottle alone increases space in Coke's cartons and shipping containers by more than 30 percent.  And the square shapes means that the bottles are stackable; how much easier does that become for retail storage and consumer refrigeration?  But that's not all... thoughtfully, Kim provides a corner station for drinking out of the bottle, making it much easier to drink out of a square bottle.


Eco Coke Bottle: ©Andrew KimEco Coke Bottle: ©Andrew Kim


But Kim's packaging looks simply stunning.  He's created a more elegant package for Coke than it's ever had, rounding the corners of the soda box and allowing the seductive graphic to carelessly wind around the bottle like a sash. Square is definitely not the thing that jumps out at you.

These are Andrew Kim's early sketches.  You can see what his design intentions were all the way through.  And he achieved them.


Eco Coke Bottle, designer sketches: ©Andrew KimEco Coke Bottle, designer sketches: ©Andrew Kim


I hope that Coca Cola takes a serious look at Andrew Kim's Eco Coke Bottle. His ideas have great merit, and he has shown a lot of respect for the company in his design.


DesignFabulous via My Green Austrailia

Apr 6, 2010
by Anonymous

You do realize that the

You do realize that the shape of soda bottles is designed to optimize holding them in the hand?

While most drink vendors really don't optimize for plastic usage; running some rough equations it looks like the cylindrical form of a soda bottle is less plastic intensive for the volume of soda held than is Kim's design.

I've stocked vending machines. Even in the front loading beverage machines, the squareish bottles (Frappaccino) were the ones that jammed the most frequently. You'd probably have to go with a suction or conveyor machines - and those aren't likely to pack as efficiently as the more common machines.

It's neat looking though, and could have a real place in the market. I wonder if he thought about redesigning the mouth of the bottle?