Design The Ultimate Sustainable “Forever Home” For One, Win $500!

Open Tech Forever and the Denver, Colorado branch of Architecture for Humanity are waiting for you to design an environmentally sustainable and modular home that one or two people would be thrilled to spend the rest of their lives in. After all, they can’t build it until you design it!




That’s right, architects and innovators: the grand prize for the Forever Home contest is $500 and watching as your brilliantly designed home is erected on a 40 acre plot located in Denver in early 2014. The limitations for your design are fairly straightforward, as it needs to measure up to the lofty sustainability standards of the Living Building Challenge 2.1 model, be made of compressed earth blocks (CEBs) made of sand, clay moisture and cement, and must more than fit the needs of the person(s) living there. The judges will be on the lookout for designs that tie the home to “the natural systems that support (the inhabitants’) humanity,” such as fresh air, waste recycling, the ability to grow fresh food, water collection and other features that are both life enriching and sustainable to the home owner’s environment.




If you’ve got some great ideas worthy of the $500, $300 and $200 that will be awarded to the first, second and third place entries, you’re going to either send in a detailed set of drawings and/or a 3D model of your idea. Click here to register and send in your brilliant home design, but make sure that you get it in before the January 1st, 2014 deadline! The cash prizes are great, and it’d be really cool to see your ultimate Forever Home built in Denver, but the real reward is that your innovative genius will be a huge step in the fight against homelessness. Good luck, environmentally minded architects!