Design Ultra-Tough Truck Underrun, Win Cash & A Google Nexus 7 Tablet!

Did you know an “underrun” is a safety device that keeps your puny car from driving right underneath large trucks? SimScale and GrabCAD are hoping that one of you will design a lightweight, super strong and cool-looking underrun for great prizes!

While there are some specific specifications for how SimScale and GrabCAD will judge the underruns involving weight (for maximum fuel efficiency) and strength (to keep dummies who text and drive from sailing underneath big rigs), they are looking for creative and killer designs. If you were driving a huge 18-wheeler and was forced by law to install an underrun, wouldn’t you want a giant skull or leggy tarantula latched to the back of your truck? I thought so!




The ultimate winner of the SimScale Truck Underrun Protection Challenge earns a Google Nexus 7 Tablet and a cool $500, while 2nd-4th place winners also receive cash, and the remaining 5th through 10th place winners net themselves a GrabCAD scrapbook.

The deadline for the SimScale Truck Underrun Protection Challenge is February 19, 2014, (click here to enter!) so it’s not too late to fire up your 3D simulation software and design the ultimate underrun. Good luck, and have fun!