Design Your Own Chandelier With Axi Tealight Pendants

Natural interior light created by candles puts a special topper on any evening, and the Axi Tealight Pendants are ready to provide it in some of the most elegant hanging candle cradles I've seen.


The nickel-plated steel pendants reflect ambient light as well as the candlelight when lit. Each surface reflects the light from the direction it faces, which gives a multi-dimensional light show.

Aside from its elegance, the Tealight Pendants offer secure cradles for the candles; nevertheless, don't hang them under an air duct or too near a fireplace.



Axi Tealight Pendants are 12" by 3.5" by 2.5", and can be hung and arranged in any pattern you like... and then be re-designed wherever you like. The Pendants are sold in sets of 3, 7, and 11.

Here are some chandelier ideas for the Tealight Pendants...




I like this mobile of tealights!


The Axi Tealight Pendants are available at Desu Design. If you don't like this, other gorgeous lights can be found at Lumens.


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