Designer Carpet Slippers For Your Feet

You've heard the expression that the rug matches the carpet; well, that's not exactly what we're talking about here but it's a similar idea that's been brought to fruition, but this time without the innuendo.

Carpet SlippersCarpet Slippers

What we're talking about here are slippers made from carpets. In this case, there's no environmental angle, since the idea isn't to use a rug you're planning to discard. Rather, the design comes from Lise El Sayed as a pair - home decor meets fashion. The slippers are made from rug cut-outs. You can display the rug in your home and camouflage as your trek around in your comfy house shoes.

Those with hardwood or tile at home often wish they had carpet to step on during those cool winter mornings, and with these slippers, that's always the reality despite any individuals flooring choices.

Via: HomeTone

Jan 21, 2010
by kateweb

lame like a collage dorm room

but in a good way because concreet floors are way worse then hardwood.