Designer Chocolates Feature Your Face, Make Tasteful Gifts

Show 'em how sweet you really are!Show 'em how sweet you really are!
The era of self-branding may have just arrived. Case in point: DekoChoco designer chocolates. Imagine going to a birthday party or a celebration for a co-worker and being given custom-made chocolates featuring the guest of honor's name and photo. It's certain you won't be forgetting that person anytime soon!

The gift that shows your good taste!The gift that shows your good taste!
Personalized chocolates may sound like a gimmick only the rich & famous can afford, but look again: the cost is just ¥2500 (about $22) for 45 personalized chocolates. Not bad, considering that includes the cost of the design. Why so cheap? Well, you're not paying an expensive graphics designer to create the wrappers, you do it yourself at DekoChoco's website! Plus, it's so easy even a child can do it - how cool is that?

Cool candy in designer wrappers!Cool candy in designer wrappers!
On the downside, the process takes about 3 weeks so you need to plan ahead to avoid disappointment. Also, the DekoChoco website is in Japanese and does not have an English page. Even so, this is such a neat idea that it's sure to be introduced stateside sooner or later - probably sooner. Check it out... Valentine's Day is on the way and you want to show off your, er, good taste! (via Japan Tech)

Steve Levenstein
Japanese Innovations Writer