Top 10 Designer Easter Duds for Dogs

No recession for dogs... I tell ya! It's just a bunny a minute out there for the lucky dogs getting dressed up for Easter. This year's fashions include bold and bodacious sweaters for dogs this spring, and classic, more regal dresses for females with lots of emphasis on fabric details...and I'd have to say they're even more beautiful than last season's. My top 10 picks for Easter, with the exception of one (I hope) can be worn all spring, until it's time for bikinis.


1. Day in Paradise Dog Dress With Bolero: Designer, Oscar Newman


The skirt is velvet, boucle, and organza; the top linen, with hand-beaded embroidery... all lined in silky pink sateen. The 3/4 sleeved bolero is hand beaded. You'd better watch out for this gal! Available from Michi Pet.





2. Butterfly Chenille Dog Sweater From Modern Tails


Male or female, sweaters are in this spring. Wear them right up until bikini time. Camel chenille with pink trim and pink and white hand-sewn flowers and butterflies on the back, this dog sweater is nothing but stunning. Modern Tails





3. Lavender Polka Dot Dress With Hat, Collar & Leash, From The Pet Boutique


Lavender, lace, and pretty polka-dots are sure to grab attention of all the dogs at the Easter Parade, and she will turn more than a few human heads as well. This delicate dress is 100 percent cotton and feminine, but the pretty leash attaches to a he-man D-ring with security for your precious pup. Pet Boutique.





4. The Sunday Bonnet at Hands'N Paws


I don't mean to rush you, but these absolutely fem hats are from the 2005 season, so you better get while the getting is good. Truly, I mixed these dog bonnets into the 2009 mix because this design was way ahead of itself. Nicely secured with elastic straps around ears and under chin. Hands N Paws.





5. Candy Stripe Dog Sweater from Modern Tails


Another dashing unisex dog sweater. A sweet Easter pale green embroidered with stripes, beads and crocheted covered buttons on a faux opening. And the 3/4 length sleeve puts the finishing touches on this festive dog sweater. Modern Tails.




6. Central Park Quilted Dog Coat, Oscar Newman, Designer


Can you believe the detail on this coat? I am totally jealous! Just sophisticated enough for a walk down Central Park West, or a nip at a Starbucks outdoor cafe. Wherever you are, your pretty little diva will have all eyes and noses upon her! Michi Pet.





7. Cuddle Bunny Puppy Purse at Upscale Pup

The Bunny Puppy Purse is outrageously chic; no question about it. It's a jacket, a handbag or a shoulder bag... Hold her close while you show her off! A plush bodice and strong long adjustable polyester straps. Very cool and very practical. Upscale Pup.




8. Teacup Dog Sweater, Oscar Newman, Designer


Available in pink and blue for your cute little bunny this Easter, sporting a custom knit appliqué of... a Chihuahua in a teacup! Crystal embroidered collar and beaded details on the teacup, the Teacup Sweater is actually available up to size medium. Michi Pet.




9. Winter Garden Dog Collar & Leash Collection at Hands N Paws


This garden may have been planted in winter, but it's as much springtime as I've ever seen. Beautifully decorated nylon webbing with sturdy metal and plastic adjustable hardware, collars, leashes, and harnesses are available. Beaus and Belles will look absolutely precious dressed in nothing but these! Hands N Paws.





10. Easter Bunny Ears for Dogs, Companion Road, Designer


For those who insist on dressing up their dogs in bunny costumes, this is the absolute cutest one I've found this year. I just hope your dog doesn't get dissed by his peers... and don't make him wear it all spring... please. At PetSmart only.




That's the buzz for today!


Apr 5, 2009
by Anonymous


this ofically proves it... the world has gone insane! although the easter bunny costume is pretty funny. dogs sure as hell dont wanna wear these things... i challange ANYONE to put of of these sweaters on a wild dog/wolf and if you can get it on the mutt then i will pay you a grand... and i will make it two grand if you can do it without getting hurt! lol lets face it... they are WILD animals... no matter how domesticated they are... and as for the chiwawa *sp* its not a dog but an oversized rat... i dont get why girls think its attractive to us guys to carry an dog with they fucking EVERYWHERE!!!!