Designer Drinks Packaging Sports Fresh Look

Imagine pulling a ripe banana, strawberry or kiwi fruit off the vine, plunging in a straw and drinking up the freshest fruit juice you ever tasted. These delightful designer fruit juice packages bring us one step closer to doing just that.

Naoto Fukasawa has designed many things in his time but these lifelike juice boxes really stand out. The concept takes the idea of providing attractive, descriptive packages to the next level by having the package resemble as much as possible the skin of the fruit whose juice awaits inside.

As a graphic design concept, Fukasawa's juice boxes definitely have appeal... or more precisely, a peel. Getting the color right is only the first step. Next is texture: the strawberry box is stippled like a real strawberry, for instance. Finally there are the fine detailing that makes the banana juice box appear to be made of actual folded banana skins.

Will we see realistic juice box packaging like this on store shelves anytime soon? As usual, the cost of producing textured packaging must be balanced against the boost in sales such packaging would deliver. I don't know about you, but this type of faux-natural packaging automatically makes me think the contents are equally fresh & delicious. (via Toxel and Xorsyst)