Designer Fly Swatter, A DIY Halloween Mask In Waiting!

Philippe Starck, prolific French designer of everything he imagines, from kitchen gadgets to tall buildings, has created a darling fly swatter, masquerading as a mask!

Starck has named his fly swatter "Dr. Skud," and I searched, but have no idea who Dr. Skud might be.

Still a fly swatter with a face has a certain charm. On a sweltering summer day in the southeast, a very sophisticated woman gave me a trio of fly swatters as a gift, the day after the flies and my dog conspired to keep her from eating a nice Virginia ham sandwich. The fly swatters she gave me had irony, but no charm, especially like these Philippe Starck swatters, created for Italian design house Alessi.

You may recognize that Starck patterned the Dr. Skud fly swatters after the venetian full-face masks that originated in Venice in the 13th Century and were worn during Carnival season, and in small villages, to hide from neighbors when doing something you would not want to be caught doing. These ornate masks are still being made and worn to celebrate Carnival from Venice to Rio to New Orleans, and, of course for Halloween.

Except for the tripod stand, who would know that Dr. Skud was a fly swatter, if you used him, or her, as a disguise on Halloween? You could cover the tripod stand and handle with crepe paper and ribbon, and, as the Dr. Skud faces are mesh, you can easily add fake hair, create a hairpiece with feathers, add furry eyelashes, a mustache, whiskers, dog ears... any or all of the above to make Dr. Skud even more intriguing.

And Dr. Skuds are still stunning fly swatters that would make charming gifts. Dr. Skuds are available at Unica Home.

Masqued Ball photos from Masquerade, photo of man admiring mask from Carnival of Venice; photo of stick mask from Magic Of Venizia.

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