Designer Gas Masks: Look Fashionable While The World Is Ending

When the world is ending, you've still gotta look fashionable while ensuring your survive as long as possible, right? Well, that's the idea behind these funky new fashions. Not to make light of what's been happening in the world, but things aren't looking all that hopeful now are they? So, stocking up on these unique fashion items just might not be too bad of an idea!

Fashionable Gas MasksFashionable Gas Masks

With oil turning North America's water to sludge and pollutants in the air, we'd better be prepared to live on a planet that makes us want to stop breathing all together. Well, since that's no way to live (literally), the fashion savvy can remain protected while still looking funky! Designs by diddo aren't really meant to be worn, they're meant to make a bit of an ironic statement. But that doesn't mean they can't be replicated for function, and these are meant to be the designer gas masks that even the ladies from Sex in the City would line up for!

Looking Fashionable While the World is EndingLooking Fashionable While the World is Ending

 These gas masks might be as close to fashionable as is possible from such a wearable hazmat article, but they probably aren't enough to lessen the blow at a time when they're needed, even if a designer comes out with hot accessories to coordinate them with. 

Designer Gas MasksDesigner Gas Masks