Designer Keyboard Brush from Japan is Really the Pits

Finally, a use for armpit hair! Well, sort of. This cute anthropomorphic brush is designed to clean your keyboard's hard to reach nooks and crannies while putting a smile on your face. The unabashedly hirsute “Okite” brush comes from Japanese design house and specialty retailer DECOLE, and is one of the popular Humania series of home, office, kitchen and school cool tools.

The underarm hair brush (わき毛ブラシ in Japanese) measures 82 by 39 by 17mm (around 3.5 by 1.5 by .75 inches) and its handle is made from smoothly finished polyresin. The bristles are NOT made from, er, “natural” materials so don't sweat it, there's no need for concern... or antiperspirant. Speaking of which, it might be worth mentioning that the armpit brush is for your keyboard, not uhh... you know.

While the bristles are uniformly black, the body of the brush (no pun intended) is available in a limited number of colors depending on which retailer you happen to be dealing with. Village Vanguard offers these Okite brushes in pale Avocado (right), for instance, while most other outlets only stock them in White. Selling prices may vary but the 672 yen ($8.75 or so) charged by Rakuten is around average.

It's amusing to note that this keyboard brush differs slightly from its hard-working Humania brethren (and sistren) by displaying an unashamedly relaxed pose. I guess you can't blame it for laying down on the job, so to speak... you're the one who gets to do all the grunt-work. Hey, don't throw out that antiperspirant just yet! (via Bodytouch)