Designer Lamp Base Grabs The Spotlight

Be the fist one on your block to enjoy this weird Japanese novelty lamp! That's not a typo, though if you act fast you may indeed be the first to own the fist.   

Hey, lighten up, OK? It's only a lamp, though the concept is a little weird. All right, a LOT weird - who in their right mind holds a glowing light bulb in the palm of their hand, barring Uncle Fester from the Addams Family?

Putting these burning questions aside for the moment, we can say that what roughly translates from Japanese as "Plasma Bulb Hand Shape" is, well, a lamp base in the shape of a hand which is itself in the shape of a fist.

The manufacturer,, simply refers to it as a Designer Lamp Base because, well, doozies like Lamp Unto My Fist or Super Crazy Fist'o'Lite were already taken. Maybe that's a good thing.

The lamp base measures 5.6 inches (14cm) wide by 4.6 inches (11.5cm) high, and has its on/off switch positioned in the middle of the power cord. Working the switch by pulling one of the fingers would be the more obvious method but for 1,400 yen (about $15) you take what you can get. recommends that only an E26 incandescent bulb be used but we think a plasma lamp bulb would be way cooler. Just sayin'.

We're not sure who the market for this uniquely "different" lamp base might be, besides the aforementioned Uncle Fester or college students. Either way, one will walk away light-handed... as opposed to the heavy-handed attempts at humor on display in the article. (via A Rinkya Blog)