Designer Mahogany Meiji Chocolate Bar Case For Candy Dandies

Candy may be dandy but a bent chocolate bar is uncouth, uncool and oh so unsophisticated. Thanks to Japanese jewelry and design house Sweet D Life and their Meiji Chocolate Design Wood Case, however, the heartbreak of bent chocolate bars has become a thing of the past.

Well, sort of... only some chocolate bars apply and by some, we mean one: the Meiji Milk Chocolate and Meiji Black bars that come in a slim yet blocky wrapper containing 16 individually wrapped chocolate bricks, and which feature a circular window at one end of the bar that frames an illustration of one of these bricks unwrapped.

This is important for three reasons. One, the wooden case is inflexible and as such, any chocolate bar differing in its exterior dimensions won't fir the wooden case. Two, the case itself features a circular cutout precisely located so the Meiji bar's window will show through. Three, when a bar is in the case and opened to dispense its gold-tone-wrapped miniature chocolate squares, the case's v-shaped open end aligns perfectly with the similarly shaped open end of the Meiji bars' die-cut wrapper.

Obviously, you (or whomever you're going to give the case to) must love Meiji Milk and Black chocolate while at the same time, have quick & easy access to the window-box style bar from their local convenience store, department store, vending machine or other confectionery sales venue.

If that describes you (or your giftee), then rejoice in the extreme customization and basic one-percenter gaudy gall embodied in the Meiji Chocolate Design Wood Case! Hand-crafted with obvious care from rich African Mahogany wood, the reusable case is priced at a lofty 3,990 yen or around $39. It's one heck of a rich way for the pampered classes to enjoy chocolate and as for the hoi polloi, let them eat cake!