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Designer Radiators by Carisa Heat Things Up in Style

For most of us in the northern hemisphere, winter has us fully in its grip by now, so staying warm is somewhat of a priority as the temperatures drop. If you're in the market to not only stay toasty but also add some panache to your home décor, Carisa radiators promise to keep you both snug as a bug as well as luxuriously stylish.

"Adagio" Radiator"Adagio" Radiator
Carisa radiators have been around for a while now, but their De Luxe collection is stepping things up a notch to bring this practical appliance fully into the realm of functional art.

"Castor" Radiator in the Idea Collection"Castor" Radiator in the Idea Collection

These distinct heating units transcend practicality to make a bold statement with their sophisticated and durable stainless-steel designs. Spanning several different collections, there are plenty of finishes, sizes and installation options to choose from, as well as an array of contemporary looks to delight the most refined artistic sense.


The De Luxe series introduces more whimsical variations: The free-standing "Adagio" takes shape as a harp, while "Unique" is reminiscent of organ pipes.

"Turquoise" takes center stage"Turquoise" takes center stage

The company behind the technology, Turkey-based Termosan Heating Systems, will be exhibiting this designer line of radiators at the MCE Mostro Convegno in Milan in March 2008. Not to be missed, as it's sure to be one hot event (har har).

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Jan 7, 2008
by Myra Per-Lee

Myra Per-LeeFeatured Blogger

Myra Per-Lee
Featured Blogger

Jan 7, 2008
by Myra Per-Lee


Hard to find another word for this! What fantastic finds you bring us!


Jan 8, 2008
by Sarah O
Sarah O's picture

Thanks, Myra!

I thought they were pretty cool, too!