Designer Work Gloves Get A Grip With Great Graphics

Work gloves, garden gloves, you know the ones: cotton or polyester cloth with raised rubber, acrylic or silicone plastic stipples on the palms to help you get a grip on whatever you're grabbing. No reason why the rubber can't form a pattern, and on New Nippon Working Gloves they do just that - 30 different patterns to be exact.

The gloves were designed by Kurozumi Masao Design, who won a prestigious Good Design Award in 2007 for turning an everyday, utilitarian item into a wearable work of art without sacrificing its original function.

The 30 available patterns carry names such as Cell Division, Surrender and Safe Sex. Many of the patterns are truly ingenious, like "Tokyo" which features a city subway map, "Vacation" which displays the world's continents linked by stylized jet airliners, and "Monogram" which shows off a neat variation on the familiar Louis Vuitton pattern. The two newest patterns, Inspection and Bar Code, were introduced in December of 2009.

New Nippon Working Gloves are made from black polyester fabric and the designs are rendered in white acrylic resin. The gloves cost 990 yen (about $10.75) per pair at Rakuten and if you like them, you'd be advised to buy more than one set... they're nice enough to be worn on non-working occasions. (via Designboom)

Mar 27, 2010
by Anonymous


omg who would wear this! SO ugly!!

Mar 27, 2010
by Anonymous

these are the coolest gloves ever!


could see the convenience of wearing the finger outline ones (on main page) backwards: peace / V for photo time and the one-finger salute for many a driver, etc.

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