Designs By Katell Gelebert : Fashions From Recycled Food Packaging

Recycled fashions are all the rage, and sometimes designers get a little bit creative in selecting their mediums to create a unique clothing line. A hot new designer has a line that's creatively delicious!


Katell Gelebert  is a French designer that created a full wardrobe using recycled food packaging. All items were created by hand to reduce the need for energy use, to further enhance the idea that these are eco-friendly fashions. Since these are one of a kind, of course, you won't see these items available for sale, but you never know, when you sport your Friskies coat out on the town, you never know if you might encounter someone else in a matching Kibbles & Bits design!

Food Packaging ClothingFood Packaging Clothing

Katell Gelebert Packaged FashionsKatell Gelebert Packaged Fashions

Via: Oddity Central