Desperate to Try Something New?


I was working on the Wacky Products Gallery and came upon this essential product to help men who would like to stretch themselves to become bigger men (heh!) :)

Talk about being desperate to grow. It's going to be a long journey.

If you go to you'll find out what the story is behind the long weight. If it was real, it'd be a great Wacky Product, no?

I'd love to see what some creative folks here could come up with as a good caption for this product.

Mar 28, 2006
by Aries

nothing new

I think I've been watching too much of the National Geographic channel. Oddly enough, I've seen this before. I can't remember the specific details, but there are some natives in South American (you've heard of these people ... the ones that have never seen a telephone or have supermarkets). Well, the men in at least one tribe does this. So whoever is selling this must have been watching the same show I did. I know I've seen it before because its not the type of thing you see and then forget about.