Desserts Go Ultra Violet With Black Carrot Juice Concentrate

Concentrated juice and puree made from Black Carrots have arrived on Japanese store shelves, a boon for those who like to eat healthy. In fact, when it comes to eating your veggies, black is the new green!

Food researchers and nutritionists have known for some time that purple veggies pack potent portions of Beta Carotene, Anthocyanidins, Polyphenols and other powerful anti-oxidants.

Trouble is, few people rave about eggplant and beet cuisine (Dwight Schrute excepted). Black carrots solve that problem as they're naturally sweet and have a naturally fruity taste and aroma.

Another useful attribute of black carrot juice is that its color can be lightened by the addition of lemon juice. This is useful when preparing meals and desserts that call for milder or paler shades of purple, so as not to freak out your dinner guests.... until you've told them what they're eating.

The 100% pure black carrot juice and puree comes from Turkey where strict quality control practices are used to ensure the utmost safety of the products and encourage confidence among consumers. Could be a nice little moneymaker for Turkey - and Schrute Farms. Hey Dwight, tell Mose to plow the back 40! (via Walker Plus)