Destination Dinners: Cultural Cuisine Recipe Kits

One of the highlights of visiting different countries is the cultural experience that you're exposed to. But when it's not possible to fulfill all of those jet setting dreams; there is one company that can bring it to you by way of your palate.

Cultural Cusine KitsCultural Cusine Kits

Destination Dinners is a company that provides destination recipe kits. When experimenting with the unfamiliar and sourcing ingredients that might be harder to find in North America, it's hard to replicate an authentic international meal experience at home.

Destination DinnersDestination Dinners

With each of the kits, Destination Dinners sends all premeasured ingredients; at least the spices, sauces and other dried items to make cooking easy. Of course, there are also step-by-step instructions to help you create the international cuisine in your own kitchen; bringing the cultural experiences of Bangladesh, Jamaica, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Israel, Lebanon and local regional New Orleans to you, no travel required!

For an added fee, Destination Dinners also supplies dinnerware that suits the cultural themes to take it a step further! If you can't travel, bring the country's cuisine to your kitchen.

Via: Springwise