De-Stress With The Brain Spa Head Massager

If you have a lot of stress in your life and don’t mind looking like a new-age gladiator for a while then the Brain Spa Head Massager may be for you.  Once positioned on your head, this device reportedly goes to work massaging key areas of your scalp to soothe away stress and promote good blood circulation.  It uses the principles of acupressure to release the tension you have built up in your body.   

If, as the product description suggests, you use this item at your work desk or in the car on your way to the office be prepared to get some odd looks and perhaps some unsolicited comments.  You may wind up even more stressed out than when you started.  However, if you choose you to test it out in the comfort of your own home you can minimize the mocking and possibly let go of a lot of strain. 

At around $50 it may be worth a try.  It is certainly cheaper than a bunch of therapy sessions or trips to the spa. You can find the massager on Amazon here.


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