Deuterium: A Tractor that Harvests the Environment

Organic foods appear to be the latest green farming craze when it comes to protecting the environment as well as consumers from pesticides, herbicides, and growth hormones that may (or may not) be hazardous to our health and planet.  Nevertheless, critics claim that organic farming may not be entirely more eco-conscious than traditional farming practices.  Let's face it, these farms still use gas guzzling machinery to harvest, cultivate, and transport their produce just like traditional farmers.  The latest concept tractor, "Deuterium," is a multi-dimensional alternative to current air-polluting tractors that may quiet critics on both sides of the organic debate.

The tractor was inpsired by the "heavy water" metaphor, or D20, which is a type of water that contains a higher-than-average proportion of the hydrogen isotope, deuterium.  Designer Prithu Paul has collaborated with Ankit Kumar to develop "Deutrium," a tractor presenting a non-traditional balance heightened function resembling a tripod or jumbo tricycle.  Aside from its CPU, GPRS, and sensor controlled motion path allocation features, the vehicle offers completely autonomous farming with total freedom in body positioning and motion.  Perhaps most importantly, Deuterium runs hydrogen fuel cells for further sustainable farming.

Embedded with nano solar cells on the Fibre Reinforced Plastics body surface panels which utilize solar energy, Deuterium is equipped with a 360-degree light and night vision camera feed allowing it to be used 24 hours a day.  The vehicle is fully equipped with ergonomic interiors, central ingress and egress for manual operations, and topographic assessment, navigation, and data collection can be easily conducted by detaching and deploying "roller bots."  The futuristic machine uses vacuum power suction in the rear to grab heavy farm equipment and tools.  Also equipped with an expandable and retractable axial shift mechanism, the machine's ground clearance and length are easily adjustable, and the front wheel shift offers increased freedom in maneuvering.

Farming may not be the trendiest, and certainly not the most futuristic, venture, but with our planet heading toward what some are calling "ecological turmoil," the future may be a little greener with this multi-dimensional, eco-conscious tractor.

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Oct 26, 2010
by Anonymous

Produce these

Make some Demo models & test at some farms & other organic farms alone.
Radical idea & long overdue.

Then Mass produce.

Other apps:
Mobile sentry
Search Rescue
MedEvac, carry 4, 8 persons.
Mobile sensor Unit for remote locales IE Yukon, No Canada, Peru, No Chile.
Tow a Bus Module to carry 100 persons.