Device To Reduce Migraines Looks Like A Star Trek Treatment

Anyone who has ever had a migraine knows pain -- real debilitating pain. Sufferers experience intense sensitivity to light and sound, and often experience extreme nausea and vomiting. Now there is a new Cafaly Anti-Migraine DeviceCafaly Anti-Migraine Devicetreatment that does not need to be taken internally with the risk of side effects. Instead the Cefaly Anti-Migraine device  delivers a mild electric shock to the supraorbital nerve that regulates sensation around the eyes.

The World Health Organization has cited migraines as being one of the major causes of disability worldwide and the most costly neurological disorder. One in four women and one in twelve men suffer from the headaches. While no one yet knows what causes migraines many theories abound. The triggers that start the headaches seem to be nearly as numerous as these theories, including stress, alcohol, fluorescent lighting, allergens, and different foods, such as red wine, certain cheeses, chocolate, and caffeine.

The device is not just a treatment for migraines, it is intended to reduce the number of these headaches that people suffer in the first place. For migraine sufferers using the device for just 20 minutes once a day has shown to reduce the number of migraines according to a study. 

In long-term use of the device in double-blind studies showed significant reduction in the number of migraines for those using the device. Those test subjects using placebo devices found no change in their headaches.

The device consists of a thin strip of metal that is worn over the ears and across the forehead, much like the crowns of science fiction royalty. So not only is this a scientific treatment for migraines, it is geek chic as well.

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Source: Mail Online