Devon Tread 1: The £15,000 Belt-Driven Watch For Men

If you've got a lot of money to burn (and I really do mean a lot) then maybe you should look into investing in a worthy timepiece that sounds cool and looks even more impressive: the Devon Tread 1 Watch.

It sounds cool because the watch is constructed based on the concept of using tiny belts that run continuously in a smooth seamless manner, and designed so that it looks like the parts are just floating within its crystal shield window. It looks impressive because the execution was great and you can just see it in the fine amount of details that goes into creating each of these watches. And rightly so, because these babies don't come cheap.

Although I can never justify purchasing a £15,000 watch no matter how good it looks or works, the design is a welcome change and is very different from all the other luxury watches that you can find on the market today. But maybe you can if, say, you own a yacht club or run a highly successful business where that amount of money wouldn't seriously cause a huge hole in your wallet once you fork it over.

The Devon Tread 1 runs on 4 compact microstep motors to power a series of interconnected and exposed glass-nylon belts. These belts aren't just there for show because these are what adjust the date and the time, The entire setup is encased with a scratch-proof crystal shield that is made of bulletproof polycarbonate metal. That said, this watch can literally stop a bullet in its tracks with its face.

An unconventional watch like this obviously doesn't run on conventional batteries. It can run for up to two weeks on a single charge and you don't even need to hook it up to a power source via cables or wires because the watch is outfitted with wireless recharging technology.

Here are some more fancy schmancy descriptions of an equally fancy schmancy watch:

  • The belt assemblies are mounted on a central chassis, which allows for the perfect clearance of the moving parts.
  • Belts create the illusion that the parts are floating within the case.
  • Four compact microstep motors drive the four belts with efficiency, power and steadfast accuracy.
  • The lubricant-free pulley system moves freely thanks to the integration of jeweled bearings.
  • The temperature-compensated crystal provides data to the onboard microprocessor that drives the four microstep motors.
  • The five-piece case design is made from high-grade stainless steel produced in five elements through advanced CNC construction.
  • The window into this mechanical masterpiece is a crystal produced from scratch-resistant and anti-reflective polycarbonate with bullet-proof durability.

Not all of us will get a chance to see this watch that was made with a high level of engineering excellence but we can always settle watching it on video:

Note that the watch featured in the video was only a prototype for the Devon Tread 1. I'll update the post once a video of the final watch goes live. In the meantime, enjoy!

You can get the Devon Tread 1 watch here: Firebox.