DHL or FedEx? 6 Amazing Ads From Your Favorite Delivery Companies

How do you plan on sending your packages this holiday season? DHL or Fed Ex ? Check out the following DHL and Fed Ex advertising; maybe this will help you determine which company you should go with!

Starting with DHL...


1. Pit Lane

In Amsterdam, DHL turned their cargo center into one heck of a billboard. Because of DHL's relationship with racing's favorite, Formula 1, the company created the billboard to look like a Formula 1 pit lane. The promotion is "Speed is our business" and many who travel by train will be be seeing the ad. During the opening of the promotion, Formula 1 girls were available to both DHL drivers and the public to hand out DHL promotional material.

Source: Ads of the World

2. Delivered by DHL

In Germany, these boxes were placed around everyday items you see on that street and read, "If this is where it belongs, it was probably delivered by DHL."

Source: Ads of the World

3. Maze

According to Ads of the World, this three-dimensional billboard is located directly in front of airport's main entrance in Amsterdam, a small ball rolls from point A to B via the shortest route. At the end of its journey, the ball is transported via an invisible conveyor belt within the billboard back to the top to begin the same journey again, along the same route. Again and again; always the right way.

Source: Ads of the World

Moving onto a series of FedEx ads...



1. Truck

In Germany, this semi truck advertising wrap showing a FedEx truck carrying a couple of UPS trucks says it all for FedEx.

Source: Ads of the World

2. T-shirt

These FedEx t-shirts were distributed to the public in Russia. When the shirt is worn it makes it appear as thought the person wearing it is carrying a FedEx package.

Source: Jon Lee

3. Just In Time

This digital banner had the following copy in the bottom corner: "Just in time. Fedex."

According to Ads of the World, this special Fedex banner shows the time in digital format. If you have Flash installed you can see it in action here.

Source: Ads of the World

What do you think? Who uses the most creative advertising? FedEx or DHL?

Amy Gifford
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Dec 20, 2007
by Alan Parekh (not verified)

The UPS trucks on the FedEx

The UPS trucks on the FedEx truck is the best. :)