Dia-Treaties: Dog Owner Invents A Treat That Solves Insulin Swings In Diabetic Dogs


When Kameron and Nancy Carlson first learned that their 9-year old Italian greyhound had diabetes, they naturally followed their veterinarian's instructions and put "Vinny" on insulin injections. Unfortunately, as in many cases of canine diabetes, Vinny's health did not suddenly rebound. His glucose levels fluctuated dramatically from having too much insulin to too little insulin in his body. Seeing their poor dog so sick inspired Kameron Carlson to find a way to give Vinny and other dogs with diabetes a normal, active life again....


Dia-Treaties, natural supplements for diabetic dogsDia-Treaties, natural supplements for diabetic dogs


Dia-Treaties, natural supplements for diabetic dogsDia-Treaties, natural supplements for diabetic dogs

Carlson, whose father had diabetes, knew a bit about keeping blood glucose levels under control, and he put what he knew together with a lot of research and testing of his treat, a proprietary, natural, yeast-based food.  Within just a few days of giving his dog Vinny the treat after each insulin injection, Vinny began to rebound - like a puppy, the Carlsons say.

Relaying this news to the veterinarian was the Carlsons' second piece of good fortune.  The vet tested the treat - soon to be named Dia-Treaties - on his diabetic canine patients.  And they, too, rebounded very quickly. As news spread about Dia-Treaties, the Carlsons were making more and more treats, and soon decided they needed to mass produce and sell the now-patented supplement.

Here is Vinny and veterinarian, Dr. Sam Lukens, who has tested Dia-Treaties on several dogs....




The incidence of diabetes in dogs has increased 3-fold in the last 40 years, as it has in humans. Most dogs have the equivalent of Type 1 diabetes, a failure of the body to produce insulin or to use insulin properly.  The recommended treatment is insulin injections, the same injections that human diabetic patients take.  The problem in dogs is that they may react very differently to insulin and it takes quite awhile to get their levels constant.  They often experience big swings, when at times their insulin levels are very high and at other times very low, and experimentation to obtain just the right amount of insulin and its application frequency is common.

The Carlsons and their new company, Vintec Nutrition, aim to change that with Dia-Treaties. Thanks to Dia-Treaties and insulin, Vinny and many other dogs have been able to survive and thrive as if they were not diabetic, and have enjoyed a normal life span, instead of one cut short by one of several ravages diabetes can impose on their bodies.

If you have a diabetic dog or know someone who does, it behooves you to get to the Vintec Nutrition website right now and read the studies and information on this life-saving product.  You don't need a prescription to buy Dia-Treaties and you can order it, fully guaranteed for 30 - 60 days, from the site or from Amazon.com.

And, did I happen to mention that dogs love these?


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