Diamond Ring Door Stopper Gives Princesses Privacy

Gals on the go need to play safe, so when the day's done and you "vant to be alone" the Diamond Ring Door Stopper provides an extra circle of security. 

The nice folks over at A Rinkya Blog just listed this clever doorstop - bet you'd never see THAT in print - and it is indeed a thoughtful design that succeeds at being the long sought better mousetrap. Except it's a doorstop, and if the wrong sort of people beat a path to your door, jam the jumbo engagement ring underneath and your  cheese will stay unsqueezed.

The Diamond Ring Door Stopper combines a fun form with an effective function. Measuring 9cm (about 3.5 inches) wide, it may look more at home on Godzilla's fiancé's finger (claw?) but you can hang it over your doorknob until you need it. Provided your door has a space between 1/5-inch and one inch at the bottom, wedge the ring in there until it's snug.

The stopper is made from silicone plastic soft enough to give a little but tough enough to hold its shape when it counts. Available colors are spring green, magenta pink, baby blue and midnight black. Order yours online from Rinkya Stores for  1,059 yen (about $10.75) each, plus shipping. Or in the U.S., order it from Amazon here.

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