Diana B Helps You Self-Tan in the Blink of an Eye

Diana B 60 Second Instant Miracle TanDiana B 60 Second Instant Miracle Tan

Maybe you are among the pasty white (as I am) and no amount of sun exposure is ever going to give you a glowing tan.  Perhaps you are just concerned, and rightfully so, about damaging your skin with traditional or indoor tanning.  Diana B 60 Second Miracle Tanning Mousse sounds like it may be hope in a bottle for those who want a killer tan without the consequences.

The claims of this product are quite amazing to any experienced self-tanner.  It seems to drastically improve on the conventional self tanning experience.  The foam is applied to wet skin, so it can be done in the shower.  It is then rubbed in for 60 seconds and washed off.  Other products take hours to work and tend to leave a sticky residue on the skin that can then be transferred to clothes, towels and sheets leaving dark stains behind.

Another much maligned part of traditional self tanning is the smell.  While some products go on smelling pleasant, they quickly take on a chemically-smell that tends to linger for days particularly when your skin gets wet or warm (like it so often does in the summer).  This product is reported to smell like a dessert lover’s delight with hints of chocolate truffle, coconut and almond.

The glow that this product produces is said to be subtle and natural with no streaking or orange tinge.  It also comes with application gloves so that hands are saved from the tell-tale palm tan.  Most importantly, it is a safe tan that can be used daily.  Just remember to slap on the sunscreen before heading outside.(Buy here)

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Feb 24, 2010
by Kim Patterson

That is good news for me!

That is good news for me!