From Diaper Bags To Diaper Vests, DadGear Has Cool Manly Gear For Dads



The founders of DadGear were very clear about their mission when they started their company. As two dads who loved their kids and loved fatherhood, but hated the flowery diaper bags with low functionality, they wanted baby gear that was masculine and high quality. They wanted gear that fit their style as dads. Using their experience as parents they designed products convenient and necessary for a day out with the kids with a look more fitting of dads. From diaper bags to diaper vests, DadGear has Daddy covered.

Scott Shoemaker and John Brosseau, founders of DadGear, could not find a diaper bag that made them feel like them: masculine dads who loved their kids. So they started a company to give men an alternative to the baby gear on the market that is designed for moms or considered to be gender-neutral. While DadGear is designed with men’s fashion and taste in mind, it is a refreshing alternative for women who are sick of the flower printed, pink, and bedazzled diaper bags and baby gear.

DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

This bag is like a Russian nesting doll. It has so many compartments and pockets that the pockets have pockets, 13 to be exact. This diaper bag has a diaper hammock on the top of the bag, bottle pockets on each side, a changing pad, and hidden straps which hook onto a stroller handles. The best feature is the wipes window, a compartment which holds a full pack of baby wipes and is accessed from the front of the bag. No more digging around the bag to find the travel sized wipe container—which probably only has three dried out wipes—and no more choosing between extra clothes or a full pack of baby wipes. The DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag lets you have it all.

DadGear Messenger Style Diaper Bag

DadGear offers three sizes of messenger style diaper bags: Courier (small), Original (medium), and The Classic (large). All three styles offer sturdy and comfortable straps, lots of pockets, stroller hooks, a changing pad and the wipes window. And like all of DadGear’s bags, the interior is light in color and distinct from the bag’s color which makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Unique to the Original Messenger Diaper Bag is the ability to change the front flap. Choose from flaps designed with dad’s style in mind—including his favorite sports team—or from flaps made from recycled billboards.

DadGear Diaper Vest And Cargo Jacket

Sometimes you don’t want to carry a bag, but you still need to carry your baby’s stuff. DadGear offers fleece vests and fleece jackets in orange, blue or black. All meet the expectations of any vest or jacket, while having what you need in a diaper bag, including a changing pad hidden in a pocket on the back. The Diaper Vest and Cargo Jacket have side pockets for diaper creams or bottles, exterior pockets for wipes, and interior pockets for diapers or a change of clothes.

DadGear Ladies Tote

DadGear also offers cleverly disguised diaper bags for moms too. This tote is functional as a diaper bag or perfect for a shopping bag or laptop bag.

DadGear was started with dad’s style in mind. But their gear is designed for anyone who wants and needs a functional, high quality diaper bag with an alternative look for moms, and made especially for dads. DadGear has Daddy covered.

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