Dice Dumpling Soup Gives Good Luck to Hungry Chinese Gamers

Are Chinese gamers taking the adage Eat To Win a bit too literally? Did a flawed translation of Kathy Griffin's rumored EABOD insult somehow end up on a Macau restaurant menu? Yes and yes, if the above dish of faux dice dumplings is any indication.

Enjoying a meal in China can be very much a roll of the dice and this dish is a step above Clams Casino but just what is it, who ordered it, and where can I get some? Very little can be discerned of the particulars and details surrounding the solitary image itself other than the fact that the bowl appears to have seen better days, a hint that perhaps this luck-inducing snack was served at an establishment of lower rank. Yep, Joe Pesci would not be amused.

Note the spoon lifting two of the delectable dice: 6 + 1 = 7 of course. What would you expect, snake eyes? Then again, this is China so Snake Eye Soup would hardly be surprising. 

China's netizens have been captivated by the concept. This image alone, with no variations, has been making the rounds of China's bustling blogs and BBS boards over the past week with little other explanation besides the caption ???????, roughly meaning “supper of the casino monopoly”.

Waiter, bring me one Supper of the Casino Monopoly, please, after which I'll take a ride on the Reading, pass GO and collect $200, and with any luck end the evening by getting out of jail free. (via ChinaSMACK and BigWigSkins)  

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May 23, 2012
by Anonymous

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