Did The Fireworks Spook Your Dog? Thundershirt Is The New Dog Anxiety Treatment

Nevermind a dog psychiatrist; here's the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment.

I laughed out loud when I read about the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment; Thundershirt is a funny and clever name but when you add 'dog anxiety treatment' to Thundershirt, it sounds like snake oil or something concocted by a witch doctor anyway.  But there is nothing funny about a dog being fearful or anxious, and it seems that the Thundershirts work very well at calming down 85 percent of dogs who've tried it.


Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment - Rugby StyleThundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment - Rugby Style


Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment - Rugby StyleThundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment - Rugby Style


The Thundershirt is a wrap that applies constant pressure to your dog's torso. How it works, not even the manufacturer knows, but if you have an anxious dog, one who has separation anxiety, fear of strangers or other dogs, fear of thunder, fireworks, the vet... or your dog is just generally hyperactive, you might try the Thundershirt. 

Here is a You Tube video showing how the Thundershirt works with this Boston Terrier who is afraid of thunder.



You'll find more videos demonstrating the Thundershirt on other dogs with different anxiety behaviors at the You Tube website. You can purchase the Thundershirt at Amazon.com in different colors, styles, and plenty of sizes.


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Oct 22, 2010
by Anonymous

I know how it works and how to do it cheaper....

First, you have to understand that the dog is not getting nervous because of the thunder. It is the rise in the static charge in the air caused by thunderstorms. The thunder just is background noise.

This same change in static air charges causes the dog to feel the change in its fur.

The reason this insanely expensive vest works is because it keeps the dog's hair matted down against its torso and the dog does not feel the rising static charge as much as it would without the vest.

A much cheaper and simpler solution that you already have around the house is dryer sheets. Just grab one when a thunderstorm is approaching and rub Fluffy down real good.

$41 buys an awful lot of dryer sheets. They make your doggy smell good and don't make your dog look like a moron.

The dryer sheets work for dogs afraid of thunderstorms. I don't see it helping with other loud noises, vet trips and such...but I've only tried it during thunderstorms - and it worked like a charm.