To Die For ... Star Trek Urns and Baseball Caskets!

Clint Mytych, chief executive of Eternal Image, wanted to take marketing to the final frontier.

The Star Trek UrnThe Star Trek UrnSo his company designed caskets with the team logos of Major League Baseball teams, Star Trek themed urns, Vatican themed mechanidse and more. The goal behind the company is to enable family members who have lost loved ones to personalize their funerals. Also, Mytych and Eternal Image also seek to make some money in the process. After all, it is a public company, even though it's a young one - founded in 2002.

According to the company's Web site, "Mytych challenged himself to find an industry where branding – and licensing – had little or no impact to date. After months of research, Mytych hit upon what may be licensing’s last frontier – the funeral industry. Together with his partners, Nick Popravsky and Donna Shatter, Mytych crafted a business plan to bring top licenses to the funeral business."

So far, the company has done quite well, gaining news coverage on ESPN, CBS and various other media outlets. According to its Web site, the company offers urns featuring 13 Major League Baseball teams and baseball caskets are available for pre order.

While some claim its marketing ideas are controversial and question whether branding caskets and urns should be a business venture, others say that families want personalization and that funeral service will continue to see more companies step in to fill the void.

What do you think of this business concept?

Source: Eternal Image

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